How We Got Started

As a young child, our founder Joan Nalubega suffered the severe consequences of malaria. She was always a victim to the illness which made her early childhood life difficult. She endured through the resultant challenges hoping that one day, she will work to find a solution to the very problem that made her childhood difficult.

Joan became a scholar at the Social Innovation Academy where she learned about social entrepreneurship and with incredible intrinsic motivation in hand, She went on to pursue a solution to fight malaria in underprivileged communities by use of affordable and accessible means.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to incorporate a mosquito repellent product into everyday use for the most vulnerable members of our communities. We believe that malaria protection must be safe, affordable, and accessible to everyone without needing any form of behavioral changes.

How We Got Here

What makes Uganics Repellents unique is that we sell our organic mosquito repellent products with high margins to resorts, lodges and high-end hotels to tourists looking for a natural way of preventing mosquito bites during their trips.

We are then able to cross finance and subsidize our sales to rural mothers at the same price as ordinary soap. The impact is leveraging an everyday consumer product to fight malaria. Mothers can protect themselves and their children against one of the biggest killers in Uganda.